New Classes: January 2015

New Lindy Hop and Charleston swing dance classes start on Sunday January 4th at 7:15pm. Details can be found on Classes page.

Lindy Hop and Charleston Swing Dancing in Chester

paul and christi

Swing dancing is incredibly popular today, and it’s being taught in Chester!! Specifically, this is the original swing dance from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, aka the Lindy Hop and Charleston, with beginner level 1 classes taught every Sunday evening at 7:15pm at the Chester Music Theatre, and is followed by our weekly social dance. No need to bring a partner, and no need to sign up. Every level 1 class is taught as an introduction, so simply turn up any Sunday of your choosing! Level 2-4 classes are taught on Wednesday evenings. Further details can be found on the Classes page.

For any specific questions, please write/call/text to:


Our social dances will continue throughout the xmas holidays :-)

Please note though that there will be no classes/socials on the following dates:
Sunday January 18th
Wednesday February 18th

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Facebook100We have both a Facebook “Group” and “Page”. Join the SwingStompers Facebook Group where we banter anything and everything about Swing Dancing :-) Other Lindy Hop events within and outside the UK are also posted here, so it’s a good way to keep informed. And here is the link to the SwingStompers Facebook Page if you’d care to ‘like’ us :-P


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