Summer Classes

We take a break from regular Lindy Hop classes in July and August, with everything going back to normal in September. There will be some alternative classes on the Wednesdays in the summer though, which will be as follows:

7:15pm : Level X – TrankyDoo
8:15pm : Level 1 – Balboa

These two options will be on the Wednesdays of July and August, beginning Wednesday July 1st. The only exception will be Wednesday July 29th, as there will be no classes this day (we are going to Sweden). Prices will also be the same, i.e. £6/£4 per class, or £10/£7 for both.

Here is a very good example of Balboa.

and here is a very good example of the Tranky Doo.

Lindy Hop and Charleston Swing Dancing in Chester

paul and christi

Swing dancing is incredibly popular today, and it’s being taught in Chester!! Specifically, this is the original swing dance from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, aka the Lindy Hop and Charleston, with beginner level 1 classes taught every Sunday evening at 6:15pm at the Chester Music Theatre. This is followed by our weekly social dance at 7:15pm, and is free for our level 1 students :-) No need to bring a partner, and no need to book. Every level 1 class is taught as an introduction, so simply turn up any Sunday of your choosing! Levels 2-4 classes are taught on Wednesday evenings. Further details can be found on the Classes page, and our schedule can be seen in the calendar below.

For any specific questions, please write/call/text to:

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