FREE Level 1 Classes – September

charleston90Our level 1 classes in September will be free!! Yes, that’s right… FREE!!! They’ll be on Sundays, 6:15pm, at the Chester Music Theatre, after which there will be a social dance that you are welcome to stay for free as well. Therefore, the first free class is Sunday 6th of September, and the last free class is on Sunday 27th of September. If you decide to keep going with the classes, after 8-weeks in the level 1 classes, you’ll be ready to progress to the level 2 classes. No need to bring a partner, and no need to book. Simply come and expect to meet many new smiling faces :-) Feel free to also tell us you’re coming via our Facebook event page (click here).

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Lindy Hop and Charleston Swing Dancing in Chester

paul and christi

Swing dancing is incredibly popular today, and it’s being taught in Chester!! Specifically, this is the original swing dance from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, aka the Lindy Hop and Charleston, with beginner level 1 classes taught every Sunday evening at 6:15pm at the Chester Music Theatre (beginning in September). This is followed by our weekly social dance at 7:15pm, and is free for our level 1 students :-) No need to bring a partner, and no need to book. Every level 1 class is taught as an introduction, so simply turn up any Sunday of your choosing! Levels 2-4 classes are taught on Wednesday evenings. Further details can be found on the Classes page, and our schedule can be seen in the calendar below.

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Your Teachers

ChesterLivingNick has been swing dancing since 2002. He began his teaching career of the Lindy Hop in 2008 while living in Edinburgh Scotland, and in 2012 started the Lindy Hop scene in Chester when he opened SwingStompers. He has attended and continues to attend many of the international dance camps across Europe, has social danced in numerous parts of the globe including North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia, and continues his professional development as a Lindy Hopper with regular private lessons from the top international Lindy Hop instructors. He is originally from Canada.

Soraya has been dancing since 2006 when she started avidly dancing Modern Jive and other dances such as Ballroom, Latin, and Rock and Roll Swing, and eventually discovered the Lindy Hop in 2012 when SwingStompers came to Chester. After being the obvious choice to become Nick’s demonstration helper, she began receiving weekly private lessons from him, which ultimately sky-rocketed her dancing skills and as such within a year and a half she was already attending Advanced level workshops. Soraya attended the Herrang Dance Camp this summer to learn about Competitions and Performances.

Ruth is new to dancing, but is an incredibly dedicated student. She began dancing with SwingStompers in 2013, now helps demonstrate in the level 1 and 2 classes, and is the first and only SwingStomper to have ever graduated levels 1, 2, and 3 as both a Follower and a Leader. In addition to her regular classes at SwingStompers, Ruth regularly attends Lindy Hop dance camps.