FREE Beginner Swing Dance Classes: Saturday Sept 6th and 13th

paul and christiThe level 1 Lindy Hop and Charleston swing dance classes in Sept/Oct are being offered as a course, and you can come for FREE on September 6th and 13th, 2014, at 1:30pm at the Chester Music Theatre. If you enjoy them, sign up for the rest of the course for only £30/£20. The course starts September 6th and finishes October 25th, after which you’ll be eligible to move up to the level 2 classes on Wednesday evenings. No need to bring a partner. See the Classes page for more details.

FREE Balboa classes

SwingStompers will be teaching the basics of Balboa from Sept 6th to Oct 25th, with Sept 6th and 13th being taught for free. The classes will be at the Chester Music Theatre at 2:30pm on Saturdays. If you enjoy the free classes, sign up for the rest of the course for only £30/£20. No need to bring a partner. See the Classes page for more details.

Lindy Hop and Charleston in Chester

The original swing dance from the big band era of the 1920s & ’30s is incredibly popular today, and it’s being taught in Chester. The next Beginner Level 1 classes are starting in September. The beginner course is 8-weeks, after which you’ll be ready for the level 2 Wednesday classes. No need to bring a partner. We’re currently on holiday, so we’ll see you in September.

For any specific questions, please write/call/text to:

Big Apple Workshop, Wednesdays July 30th, August 6th and 13th, 7:15pm

big appleAre you interested in learning different Jazz steps? If so, the Big Apple Workshop will teach you tons!! The Big Apple is an advanced stroll without any repetition, so expect a challenge, however you’ve got to start sometime, as this is the grand-daddy of all the strolls in the Lindy Hop community. Breaking it up into three one-hour classes, on Wednesdays, July 30th, August 6th, and August 13th, 7:15pm, for one hour, it’s hoped we’ll get through all the material. Click HERE for more details.

Jitterbug Stroll Workshop, July 30th 8:15pm

Jitterbug-Stroll-110x150We’ll be having a Jitterbug Stroll workshop on Wednesday July 30th at 8:15pm at the Chester Music Theatre. This is a beginner stroll and is great for learning some basic jazz steps such as SuzyQs, Tap Breaks, Shorty George, and more. This is a modern day stroll, having been choreographed by Ryan Francois in 1992. Details and videos can be seen HERE.

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Facebook100We have both a Facebook “Group” and “Page”. Join the SwingStompers Facebook Group where we banter anything and everything about Swing Dancing :-) Other Lindy Hop events within and outside the UK are also posted here, so it’s a good way to keep informed. And here is the link to the SwingStompers Facebook Page if you’d care to ‘like’ us :-P


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